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Autor: admin - Čtvrtek, 24.12. 2009 - 11:00:12
Téma: Vánoce

Všem příznivcům kadaňské kopané děkujeme za přízeň a přejeme veselé a šťastné prožití vánočních svátků.
Do nového roku přejeme hodně zdraví, štěstí a sportovních úspěchů.


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There's no need to choose between our three favorite fashionable accents (polka dots, stripes, and bright colors).

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Forget gingerbread men: we're making ourselves gingerbread hipsters.

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It's all possible with the help of this Band of Outsiders Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set ($19).

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That's why it seems fitting that this Sunglass Case ($26) should use a pop-style image of a signature Factory-style pair of shades to help k

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About a month ago, the Purse Blog team attended the Kayne West Shoe launch at Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour. We did not leave with a new pair of sneakers, but I left crushing on a new handbag . One of our favorite SA at LV ( the entire staff at LV Bal Harbour is amazing) showed me a new clutch that I adored . The Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch is the all-around perfect attention getter. The patent leather appears gases and LV signature in golden brass finishes the clutch of beautiful. The original Vernis bags were named after streets in downtown NYC . When I first saw the name of this

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clutch I wondered if Louis Vuitton named it after another famous city , South Beach. After talking with my SA at LV today I can confirm that the Sobe clutch is indeed named after South Beach , whi

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Judging by the bags we've seen on our feeds lately, either all of you were on the nice [url=]michael kors outlet store[/url] this year, or you treated yourselves to some seriously good arm candy.At Barneys, however, they've just made the [url=]michael kors outlet[/url] Sale even better. Discounts are now up to 75% off a huge selection of [url=]coach factory outlet online[/url] for men, [url=]michael kors[/url], as well as some awesome stuff to spruce up your post-holiday home. For the girl on the go, [url=]marc by marc jacobs[/url] gets better than an oversized tote. Believe it or not, the two socialites-turned-reality [url=]Coach Outlet[/url] grew up being best friends. See the two being silly back when they were just 13 years old on COACH.You're likely no lo

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